CEO Greetings

Glotech opens up the future for the world
based on trust with customers

The 21st century has entered an era of infinite competition that transcends spacetime due to the development of IT industry, knowledge informatization, and the expansion of Cyber ​​Market.

In order to respond to the sophisticated customer NEEDS through such a flow, the company's logistics structure has been rationally improved, the best logistics service network has been built, the company's core competence has been strengthened, and logistics costs have been reduced It is necessary to ensure price competitiveness.

In order to be able to lead the rapidly changing market situation, it is possible to provide One Stop Service by efficient distribution management (PDM Physical Distribution Management) by providing the transport function System of the shortest period according to the trend of the times The importance of a specialized logistics company that can be stressed.

We, Glotech, assigns specialized personnel who have accumulated specialized knowledge, technical capabilities and Know-how to each customer based on International Freight Forwarder (SEA / AIR), Local Carriage, Warehouse INFRA. We are committed to providing services and have established a Forwarding Network through partnerships in more than 100 countries around the world. In addition to faithfully fulfilling the role as horizontal business partners that can win-win each other, of course, we constantly strive to create a new concept of logistics route and provide one stop service both in name and reality with a custom service that matches the characteristics of each customer doing.

In the future, our Glotech will continue to improve its national and corporate logistics systems through continuous research and development, and always act from the customer's perspective. In order to achieve the growth and profitability of the company, of course, we are committed to making every effort to become a reliable and transparent logistics company based on internal and external gods.

Thank you very much.

CEO of Glotech 구상구