Inland Service

Providing The best Inland Transportation System

Glotech is equipped with a variety of song methods ranging from domestic cargo transportation to import / export cargo container transportation, providing the best service in a faster and more systematic way.

In particular, from the customer's standpoint, we carry out responsible transportation without any error in the customer's needs from anywhere in the country, such as the optimal equipment mobilization for transportation and economical transportation route selection considering the size, shape, weight, etc.

Inland Service Area
  • Import / export, LCL container inland transportation
  • Land / coast combined transportation system
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Construction of nationwide transport
One Stop Service

Glotech is processing quickly and safely based on the experience and know-how accumulated throughout the whole process aiming at One Stop Service.

  • 01 Consulting
  • 02 International Freight Forwarder
  • 03 Inland transportation
  • 04 Keeping in warehouse
  • 05 Managing stock
  • 06 Processing for circulation