AEO Management Policy

A trusted partner through AEO compliance

Glotech recognizes the importance of logistics security in the international community, participates in the international logistics management flow of smooth trade transactions and prevention of terrorism, and minimizes the various risks that can occur along the flow of import and export logistics We will do our best for safety management by complying with the import and export compliance and safety management standards that should be observed by authorized economic operators.

Check 01.Continuous safety management

Establish compliance and safety management policies to pursue the stability of various operations in the import / export supply chain, and develop continuous safety management activities through objections and improvements.

Check 02.The safety we create

Comply with laws and regulations related to logistics safety in the import and export logistics process, collect management reviews and opinions of related parties, and actively reflect them in the management policy of safety management.

Check 03.Continuous improvement of safety management policy

Establish an internal control system and pursue continuous improvement activities in order to prevent risks that may be expected in the performance of the import / export supply chain.

Check 04.Continuous safety education

For import / export logistics safety, maintain continuous communication with internal employees and external customers, and conduct continuous import / export logistics safety management training for employees, thereby managing the safety of the import / export supply chain. Endeavor to secure